Laundry Kit Natural Soap + Exotic Flowers


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Quero este produto e ganhar 66 Pontos!

Quiero este producto y ganar 66 Pontos!

I want this product and win 66 Pontos!

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Equip yourself rigorously to give an ecological cleaning power and comfort to your clothes and yourself with your favorite scents!

The Laundry Kithas the essential products to take care of your day to day and always feel comfortable wherever you are.

With this kit you can wear comfort and adjust the washing of your clothes to sustainability: it consists of ecological detergents that are born from the reuse of waste, used cooking oil.


How can you clean over and over again

  • Ecological Laundry detergent: suitable for all types of laundry, removes dirt that is difficult to remove such as grease and other organic dirt by quickly penetrating the fibers. It works at all temperatures: you can wash in cold water and save energy!
  • Ecological Fabric Softener: You can still extend the freshness of the perfume on your clothes with our ecological fabric softener, suitable for all types of clothes.


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